Our Lady of Consolation Rockford, MI

Event Day Date Time Open Spots
Daily Mass FridayFri04/16/20219:00am305
No Mask Saturday Seton RoomSat04/17/20219:00am8
Saturday MassSat04/17/20215:00pm237
Sunday MassSun04/18/20219:00am240
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun04/18/20219:00am8
Sunday MassSun04/18/202111:00am266
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun04/18/202111:00am8
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
Daily Mass TuesdayTue04/20/20217:00pm324
Daily Mass ThursdayThu04/22/20219:00am325
Daily Mass FridayFri04/23/20219:00am319
Saturday MassSat04/24/20215:00pm291
No Mask Saturday Seton RoomSat04/24/20215:00pm10
Sunday MassSun04/25/20219:00am290
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun04/25/20219:00am10
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
Sunday MassSun04/25/202111:00am290
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun04/25/202111:00am8
1st Communion Mass - Guest SeatingSun04/25/20212:00pm79
Daily Mass TuesdayTue04/27/20217:00pm324
Daily Mass ThursdayThu04/29/20219:00am325
Daily Mass FridayFri04/30/20219:00am319
Saturday MassSat05/01/20215:00pm309
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
No Mask Saturday Seton RoomSat05/01/20215:00pm10
Sunday MassSun05/02/20219:00am296
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/02/20219:00am10
Sunday MassSun05/02/202111:00am301
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/02/202111:00am10
1st Communion Mass - Guest SeatingSun05/02/20212:00pm80
Daily Mass TuesdayTue05/04/20217:00pm324
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
Daily Mass WednesdayWed05/05/20219:00am323
Daily Mass ThursdayThu05/06/20219:00am325
Daily Mass FridayFri05/07/20219:00am319
Saturday MassSat05/08/20215:00pm308
No Mask Saturday Seton RoomSat05/08/20215:00pm10
Sunday MassSun05/09/20219:00am301
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/09/20219:00am10
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
Sunday MassSun05/09/202111:00am297
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/09/202111:00am10
Daily Mass TuesdayTue05/11/20217:00pm324
Confirmation - Wednesday Guest SeatingWed05/12/20217:00pm100
Daily Mass ThursdayThu05/13/20219:00am325
Confirmation-Thursday Guest SeatingThu05/13/20217:00pm100
Daily Mass FridayFri05/14/20219:00am319
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
Saturday MassSat05/15/20215:00pm312
No Mask Saturday Seton RoomSat05/15/20215:00pm10
Sunday MassSun05/16/20219:00am301
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/16/20219:00am10
Sunday MassSun05/16/202111:00am305
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/16/202111:00am10
Daily Mass TuesdayTue05/18/20217:00pm324
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
Daily Mass ThursdayThu05/20/20219:00am325
Daily Mass FridayFri05/21/20219:00am320
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSat05/22/20219:00am10
Saturday Mass (Pentecost)Sat05/22/20215:00pm313
Sunday Mass (Pentecost)Sun05/23/20219:00am304
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/23/20219:00am10
Sunday Mass (Pentecost)Sun05/23/202111:00am312
Event Day Date Time Open Spots
No Mask Sunday Seton RoomSun05/23/202111:00am10
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